Leticia graduated from BHCS in 2009. Some of you may remember spending Year 7 in makeshift classrooms – because there wasn’t any high school. Her favourite teachers were Mr Topham, who has since retired and Mr Bradfield, who passed away unexpectedly in 2010. Leticia’s class was the second Year 12 class to graduate at BHCS.

After Year 12, Leticia took a gap year to organise her portfolio for Interior Decorating – she was hoping to get into Box Hill TAFE. However, along the way Leticia became sick and had to have a blood test. While getting the blood test, she thought “seeing the guy use the Vacationer tubes was amazing! I never knew this was a career option!”

Following this, she undertook a six month course at the Royal MeLeticiaByleslbourne hospital through an independent training organisation – taking classes two to three times per week and completing supervised blood draws at the end of each class on one another. “I was so excited to get a job when I was finished. Unfortunately although many applications and a few interviews I couldn’t get work…”

Shortly after, Leticia was involved in an accident, where thankfully she escaped with only bruises. This incident prompted her to learn more about the hospital system and undertake extra medical training. Two years after finishing Year 12, she was accepted in first round offers to Deakin University Burwood, her first preference (despite preparation to move to the country to get into uni!). With an ENTER (now known as ATAR) score was 57 – which was below the required –  she had to write letters on why she wanted to apply.

For those of you who have been studying, you will know how hard it is when you fail a subject – this was the case for Leticia. To go from a class of seven students, to an exam of hundreds was terrifying. However since then, here study ethic has improved 100%!

In November 2013, she began working as a PCA (personal care assistant). This means being on call and being sent to nursing homes to wash, toilet, feed and walk residents – often receiving only one hour notice. “Because of this I do not make myself available during the uni term as I have many assignments to do and the clinical placements.”

She is now in her last year of Nursing at uni. This year she will spend her time writing resumes, cover letters, attending hospital information nights and going for interviews – and hopefully get a job next year!

Leticia says some of her best moments from BHCS were the excursions, particularly the ones to Vaughn with Mr. Bradfield at his childhood home- “these were really special”

Her motto is… “you never know where life will take you that things happen for a reason and it’s all in God’s hands.”

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