Jake Kidd completed Year 12 in 2010 in BHCS’s third year of Year 12 graduates. What has Jake been up to since he finished Year 12?

Remember Year 12? You have no choice but to think about the future – what you want to do, what you want to study, what you want to be when you grow up – and more often than not, what we think we will do after Year 12, is very different from what we actually do. Jake always wanted to be a journalist. Now he finds himself working in Sales and Marketing for a nationwide company named “SupaGas”, while studying online part-time.

Jake & AlannaTo quote Jake, “Life is great.” He has traveled through Europe on a couple of occasions. This years’ trip to Europe was particularly special. While in
Paris, Jake took the opportunity (and created many girls’ dream engagement) – standing under the Eiffel Tower, he got down on one knee and proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Alanna – and of course she said yes. (Congratulations Jake! )

Working full-time, while studying, playing sport, and now planning a wedding is keeping Jake very busy! He still keeps in touch with a few of his classmates from BHCS.

What does he miss most? Definitely the school camps – and school life in general. I think most of us graduates can agree that you miss school for the short six and a half hour days, the friends and the holidays!

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