Joseph’s summary of what he has been up to since he finished Year 12 in 2013 is short, but pretty awesome.

“Life is looking good. I’m still living in Victoria, and am currently working for the incursion company ‘History Up Close’ (HUC) as a combat historian.”

This is pretty cool – basically Joseph goes with a team to visit schools and events, dressed 11811402_10153631687626414_6267484776274312174_nup in historical costumes, performing and teaching. He has been working with HUC for two years, and currently considering studying Archaeology and Anthropology.

He still keeps in contact with many of his friends from school, including regular catch ups every couple of months. One of his fondest memories was studying with his mates in Mr Smith’s History class… I’m sure right now you think we are about to say something nice and heartfelt and that that’s the reason he now has such a passion for re-enacting historical events… but no. He liked Mr Smith’s History classes because he was the only teacher that let them smuggle junk food into the Library Study Rooms for class (shhh… don’t tell the library staff!)

Sometimes the memories we keep… well, are the strangest. Joseph does miss seeing all his awesome teachers, as well as ducking Mr D for “not wearing a tie.” Well Joseph, we won’t make you wear a tie anymore… unless of course it’s Historically accurate!

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