Hannah completed Year 12 at BHCS in 2008. Our first graduating Year 12 class.

When Hannah was in Year 12… she thought she was going to be a chef. She finished School and took a gap year; planning to use her time to do a cake decorating course that would help lead towards her dream field.

During this time, she had been teaching at Church in Sunday School. The children’s pastor encouraged her to pursue teaching as she thought Hannah would be fantastic at it. She applied for teaching, and got an early round offer – so Hannah decided to pursue teaching as her new dream!

She studied a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at University of Ballarat, which is now known as Federation University. She has done some relief teaching and is looking for a full-time teaching position for next year.

While she was studying, she had the amazing opportunity to do a teaching round over in Chester in the UK. While over there, she also traveled Europe with her best friend!unnamed

Most of you will know Hannah, as Hannah Kilner – but since she finished School, Hannah has gotten married, and now has a beautiful six month old son. And on top of this, her and her husband are building a house, and just got a Labrador puppy! Hannah says her “hands are really full!!”

She still keeps in touch with some of her School friends, and has lots of great memories from BHCS – “but nothing comes close to the camps at Mr Bradfield’s Place!”

What advice would Hannah leave with you after the 7 years since she finished school:

“Love, hope, faith! Love is eternal. Hope for a brighter future. Faith keeps us strong!!!”

And …

“’What’ and ‘If’ are two words as non-threatening as words can be, but put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. ‘What If’, ‘What If’, ‘What If’.”

Those words are so true – it encourages us to make the most of every opportunity!

We wish Hannah and her little family all the best with their new baby, puppy, house and future!


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