Kaitie joined us at BHCS when she was just a small Prep in 1999. When she started, there was “only 80-something students in the School.” In Year 10, she moved to Oxley College to complete her VCE and graduated in 2011.

In 2012 Kaitie began studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of 1504088_10152150017432772_2830840756748741577_nMelbourne, choosing to major in Criminology. She says, “The goal was to complete undergraduate study at Melbourne Uni and then go on to complete the Juris Doctor (Masters of Law) degree at either Melbourne Uni or Monash.” 

She graduated in December, 2014 (from her Bachelor of Arts) and decided to take a gap year before applying for the postgraduate study. “I am hoping to be accepted to a Juris Doctor degree in 2016. My goal is to become a human rights lawyer.” Since writing this, Kaitie has been accepted for the Master of Laws Juris Doctor at Monash Uni. Congratulations!

She always wanted to be a lawyer, but changed her mind about what area of law she wanted to work in quite a few times, before feeling called to work in Human Rights.

Kaitie recently had the opportunity to travel to Africa to volunteer with World Vision Australia in Uganda. During this trip, she also had the opportunity to visit her sponsor child and do a safari where she got up “close and personal” with some endangered mountain gorillas. She also volunteered in an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya looking after abandoned babies ranging from new born to 6 months of age.

She still keeps in touch with friends from School, particularly Leah and Alysha who also graduated in 2011. She met Leah at BHCS in Prep, and Alysha in Year 4.

Some of her favourite memories from BHCS are “school camps to Forest Edge, constant joking with Mr Abraham, Madame McGrath bringing food to French classes, being part of Wakakirri, and all the sports and athletics days.”

If you ask Kaitie what she misses about BHCS, it’s how close-knit the community was. “When I moved to a much bigger school at Oxley College, I realised how lucky I was to be such close friends with basically every single person in the year level at BHCS.”

Her favourite quote, and something that inspires her to work in the area of human rights law, is this quote by Ghandi:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


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