Sam has been studying since she finished VCE in 2013. She was looking for something she 21100_368895766653845_8543930540365726427_n.jpgcould go straight into the following year, so enrolled in and completed a Certificate III in Children’s Services. Last year, she continued on to do a Diploma of Children’s Services and will complete this in June this year.

As a part of her course last year, Sam undertook her first placement in Alice Springs at Congress Childcare Centre. This was an amazing experience.

“I was able to work with beautiful children and caring staff. I found that the most challenging thing about doing my placement there was working with children who have been/live in foster homes.

The best part about the trip was that I grew as a person and became more grateful for what I do have in my life. I was sad to leave as I formed a bond with most of the children and they would smile as soon as they saw me! I enjoyed learning about their culture and the values that the service displays throughout the centre. I have never experienced working in a centre with Aboriginal children. I was able to go into their world and see how these children can use just the basic materials in the environment like leaves and be so appreciative of them. In the near future, I plan to visit this centre again and maybe even work there.

A couple of things that I also did while on this trip is learn to face my fears! I never in a million years thought I would hold a python but I actually did it and was quite proud of myself. Something unique also for me is that I conquered my great fear of flying in an airplane and actually really enjoyed it!”

Once Sam finishes her course, she will be qualified as a room leader in a childcare, or a kindergarten assistant. She is currently looking for work in this field because she is really passionate about working with children. Sam knew that when she finished Year 12 she wanted to work with children, so it is great to see she is on her way there!

Sam’s favourite BHCS memory is Year 12 overall. “It was pretty cool just having more freedom and getting to have spares which I would spend studying in. It was lots of fun because it’s your last year and you really want to make the most of it! Also, forming close relationships with the teachers in my year and having them be so approachable and supportive at all times is a great memory that I will always have.” Sam still keeps in touch with a few people, but it’s always hard to keep in contact once you finish school as you all begin to lead very different lives.

Sam is particularly inspired by the quote, “Don’t stop, until you’re proud.” It recently gave her the encouragement she needed to get her assessments done, and really is true.

So we leave you with the inspiration in this new year… don’t stop, until you’re proud!

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