Kelsey came to BHCS in 2000 and graduated in 2012. Since she graduated, she has been around England and Japan, and plans to do more traveling with her partner once she finishes her studies.

“I’m at Deakin Uni, studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Visual Communication Design. It has been a great course, and I’ve met some really fantastic people. I went to Japan as part of a design and animation study tour through Deakin, and became good friends with the other uni students who came along through our fun adventures in Japan.”

We asked Kelsey if this is what she thought she’d be doing when she finished Year 12. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to pursue fine art or design, so she enrolled in a Graphic Design diploma course at Holmesglen after Year 12 to try it out. 12714272_1121018057928671_1476599890_n

Last year, she has the opportunity to work on the 24×7 Telstra app, used by thousands of people. “I designed icons and tiles- working alongside the designer who made the new branding for Telstra, with the colour spectrum. It was a surreal experience; I got a taste of my dream job.”

Currently she has deferred her course until July in order to work and earn money before she completes the final part of her studies. She has had a few odd jobs, but mainly focuses on freelance design work.

Kelsey is still good friends with a few people from her graduating class, they see each other often at parties and games nights. She even still catches up with some guy friends to play Halo like “old times”!

When we asked Kelsey what she missed about BHCS, she responded, “I miss seeing my friends each day, and the interaction between the students and teachers in classes. Being a fairly small school, it was a very tight knit community.”

Many of us hold on to a few memories in particular from school. Kelsey had Mr Topham in Year 8 and 10 as her teacher; there were lots of jokes and pranks pulled in his classes. Grads of 2012, do you remember the time Mr Topham went to get something from the printer, so you all turned your chairs and tables backwards… and acted like nothing unusual had happened? Kelsey said, “He thought it was pretty funny, we all really respected him for his good sense of humour and enjoyed the funny stories he had.”

Kelsey said after she graduated, she read an inspiring blog post on, titled “Six Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person.” It talks about some things that you may not realise until you get out in the “real world”, but that you experience as an adult and you need to be prepared for. “It made me much more self aware, and focused on my contribution to the world around us.”

Kelsey, we think you are doing awesome! And we hope to see some of the work you are doing in your course. All the best with the last leg of your Bachelor.


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