Grace joined us at BHCS in Year 3, 2001, and graduated from Year 12 in 2010.

It’s interesting to look back and think about what we were planning to do when we finished Year 12. Grace thought she was going to be working as a nurse, but that hasn’t actually crossed her mind since she finished.

She is currently working in sales and accounting for a multi-national corporation. She has been fortunate enough that her job has been able to support working in different states.

For the last year and a half, Grace has been living in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast; just for the change of lifestyle. She’s located right on the water, so that means lots of surfing and going to the gym! She’ll be venturing back to Melbourne for a month soon, and then leaving again for a six month trip in a van around Australia with her best friend. This sounds so exciting! After this, she’ll move back up the coast towards Byron Bay, and possibly even overseas in the coming years.


As well as working and travelling, Grace purchased her first investment property last year, located just out of Brisbane. She’s even planning on buying another in the coming year.

For Grace, her favourite school experience was the friendships she made, and she misses not seeing everyone that she used to see on a regular basis. However, she does still keep in touch with a few friends for birthdays and other events.

Her words of advice: “Everything happens for a reason. One of the main things I’ve learnt is to live stress free, as our life has already been planned out for us……….

And always wear a smile!”


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