We recently got to hear from Ash to see what she has been up to since she graduated from BHCS in 2013.

When she finished Year 12, she was wanting to join the police force and so completed a TAFE course in Criminal Justice. She’d still like to do this, but this plan is now for later down the track. Currently she is studying Secondary Teaching at Deakin and is in her second year.

“I do enjoy uni – most of the time…. I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do once I 2016 A4finished year 12, I spoke to countless people asking them for advice, but ultimately, I just had to throw myself out there and do a course I thought I would enjoy. So far so good! I love being around people; so teaching as a career for me, I believe, is perfect.”

Ash’s current subjects include History, Maths and Criminology. She is hoping that once she finishes her degree, she can teach Legal Studies. When she’s not at uni, you can find her working at Woolworths, at the gym, or spending time with friends.”I do still keep in touch with most of my friends [from school], not as much as I would like; but I see them every couple of weeks for coffee or lunch. It’s hard now because everyone has work or uni and it’s just hard to find a time to get everyone in the same place at the same time.”

When we asked Ash what she missed about going to BHCS, she said “I really do miss Year 12!” She enjoyed the freedom and the ability to connect with teachers on a different level. Some of her favourite memories also include “Celebration Day” because it was full of laughter and fun, and the Staff vs Student sports matches.

All the best with your studies Ash! We enjoyed seeing you around the School for placement last year!