Azzan did his whole schooling, from Prep to Year 12 at BHCS, graduating Year 12 in 2014. We took time to ask him what life looks like for him now since he finished school, and also what he misses about BHCS.

“I still live locally, I don’t think having children is in the cards any time soon haha.

At the moment, whilst studying at Deakin Uni, I juggle between working at Coles, assistant P.E. coaching for Year 10-12s at Glenvale School in Officer on Fridays, and interning at 89.9 LightFM.

Currently I am in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary). I began studying an Associate Degree of Education at Deakin; it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to do as my ATAR wasn’t the most flattering… And doing an Associate Degree meant adding an extra year to an already four-year course, but I was very content to even have received an offer out of Year 12. However, after my first semester of the associate degree, Deakin decided to transfer me out of that course and into a Bachelor’s after receiving high results for that semester – you could imagine I was absolutely stoked! At the moment, I am very much enjoying it! It’s always interesting to learn about education, especially when you can reflect it back to your own schooling life.

My interest in studying teaching had come off the back of having a really good schooling life when I was at BHCS. So within the last two-or-so years of schooling being unsure of what I wanted to do while edging up to the end of school forever, it became pretty clear that one day I’d want to be back in the classroom again, making an impact on the kids of our future, the same way Belgrave Heights had made an impact on me. (And who knows, maybe making it back to BHCS, if it’s God’s plan!)

As well as that, from around Year 10-11, I had a peculiar yet strong interest in voiceover work (after watching Big Brother on Channel 9 and loving the voice of “Big Brother”, to the point that I managed to track him down online and he did my voicemail message tone – sad I know). But that led on to doing my Year 12 main media production on radio, mainly basing my studies on the Christian-based, positive radio station, LightFM. So off the back of finishing school in 2014 and studying teaching, I knew that if it was God’s will, He 13214784_10206061468045262_557109310_owould somehow set a path for me into radio. Fast-forward to now and I have been so blessed to be with LightFM for about 8 months now, working alongside Leroy Brown as an assistant producer for the drive show on Mondays and Thursdays from 3-6pm, panelling the Nine News on Thursday nights from 6pm, and progressively training to become an announcer for their sister station, LightDigital.

Life has been incredibly busy after school, but God has been so good!

It’s funny when you’re in Year 12, thinking how much time you would spend catching up with classmates after leaving school. But since leaving, it’s been proving quite difficult to align a time to catch up with classmates – especially having one of my best mates, Ben Dunn, up at Hillsong College in Sydney for two years. At least with my Melbourne-based classmates, it just makes the moments that much more special when you finally get to reunite with them after too long, or bumping into them on the street or at a shopping centre (maybe the fact we all live so close might add to the reason we have been somewhat “lazy” in organising a time…)

There has legitimately been too many  school memories to pinpoint just one to share with you; but to walk down memory lane:

Playing Word Rescue on the old Mackintosh computers in Prep with Miss Hulls, Messy Maths and McGregor Money with Mrs McGregor in Year 2, watching Madeline and Le Club in French with Mme McGrath, being Grade 6 School Captain in 2008, every single school camp, Science Club with Mrs Eastwood, the early hours/late nights in the catering team with Mr Abraham, Mr Thompson giving me permission to spend many recesses/lunchtimes in the recording studio playing music/editing videos throughout high school (and even still helping me out borrowing equipment for a uni assignments), playing in the orchestra for the school musicals, Year 9 Program, doing Vetamorphus with Mr Jeffery (Jeffers) and having the opportunity to do a missions trip to Fiji, getting involved in the worship band with Mr White, Mr Seskis’ forearms during Maths in VCE, watching Mrs McDowell and Mrs Fatur get extremely passionate about English texts, the many volleyball games and PE camps with Mr Kelly, Nick Crawley’s hilarious yet captivating talks at assemblies, and to put the cherry-on-top, having our Year 12 celebration day video go viral to end an incredible schooling life. (Plus the many more teachers to mention: Miss Visser, Mr Reiher, Mr Davidson, the lot!!)

I will always miss 1000 word essays (at least until uni is complete). Oh how I have taken those 1000 words for granted… You will soon discover coming into uni (if you haven’t already), 1000 words would only suffice for half, if not a third of your assignment.

Aside from that, I miss having the company of everyone together for five days a week, around 40 weeks a year. The community of BHCS is something special; the teachers become your friends, which is something so incredibly rare in so many schools. Not only are they committed into boosting your learning in the classroom, but they are willing to give a piece of themselves, and for that I am thankful.”

To finish, we asked Azzan what ‘Words’ of advice he would leave with us?

“Hilariously, I love the way VeggieTales define perseverance. “Keep on keeping on”. It’s amazing how something so simple is filled with so much motivation! And it’s so suitable for any age group!”

Azzan, we loved hearing about what you are up to, and are feeling very nostalgic after reading all your school memories! We wish you all the very best with your uni studies, your internship and God’s plan for your life!