David Symes joined us at BHCS back in 1999 as a little prep kid. He then stayed with us all the way through until 2010 when he left school to do a Shop Fitting Apprenticeship, as well as working voluntarily from time to time, doing landscaping at the Royal Botanic Gardens. After this gap year, in 2012 David finished his Year 12 studies at Swinburne Secondary College.

A few years on, David now works for a private company called JCA Land Consultants, based in Lilydale. JCA specialise in subdivision, engineering, town planning and surveying. For the last two years, he has been working as a surveyor. “I work all over the state, somewhere different everyday. It is not something I thought I would ever do but I am enjoying it thoroughly.”

As well as working, David has also been involved as an “extra” in a few shows such as “Conspiracy 365” (a children’s show) and the recent INXS mini series. 13288138_10206298684088624_123830385_o

David still keeps in touch with a few people from BHCS, including Luke Poulsen (who also joined us as a prep kid in 1998) and Hannah Bates who works at the same company. He obviously also keeps in contact with Monique Schubach, who was in the same class – they have been in a relationship for 4 years!

If David had to pick a favourite school memory, it would be Food Technology with Mr Abraham, and all the jokes he used to make. We loved seeing the #reminiscentwednesday featuring you and some other students with Mr A last week!

“I miss watching the school grow from when I started, it only has about 80 students at the time.” This was from Prep to Year 6. Though we know when some of you reading this started school, there would have been even less! Now we are almost halfway through 2016, and there is more than 740 kids from Kinder to Year 12 at BHCS!

All the best with your surveying David! We’ll make sure to wave if we ever see you around… your next job could be anywhere! David’s words of advice..

“Live to fill yourself with happiness and a fulfilling life will follow.”