Shonet joined us in 2005 at BHCS and left in Year 10 to complete VCE at Upwey High School. Initially when she finished school, Shonet completed a course in Hotel Management, but soon realised that this wasn’t the job for her.¬†Currently, she is a Training Co-ordinator for First National Real Estate. She organises the training sessions for all of the First National Real Estates in Australia so that they can expand their skills and knowledge in the industry. This includes organising trainers, venues, catering, diary management, and promoting the training sessions to each of the offices.

Shonet still lives here in Melbourne and has done a bit of travelling including Fiji and 1be6f751-594c-4cd2-8050-fe8d9f7cbcf9.jpgEurope. Her trip to Europe was definitely a unique life experience. She went overseas on her own, with minimal money and just “winged it.”¬†While at Oktoberfest in Germany, she met someone who lived in Scoresby (in Victoria), and they invited her to go to Egypt, “which was awesome!” She also has a trip to Japan booked in for snow season next year! (We’re a bit jealous!)

Shonet does not keep in touch with many people from school anymore, but her favourite memories include Year 8 camp (“it was so much fun and full of activities like archery”), and Forensic Science class. She also loved her class… “it was like a little family.”

Thanks for sharing with us Shonet – and we love your words of advice…

“We never really grow up, we just learn how to behave in public.”