Ellery began at BHCS in 1997. Some of you may remember, this was shortly after Mr Leigh Murray began as principal at BHCS. Ellery had the opportunity to stay with us all the way through to Year 12 in 2009.

Ellery has been working as a Pharmacy assistant for around 5 years, and last year 14060040_10153987074107893_312564042_ocompleted a Diploma of Tourism and Event Management. She completed her Diploma with Flight Centre while working full time. “It was definitely a challenge but I’m glad I stuck at it.”

While in school, Ellery had never even thought about working in a Pharmacy. “I automatically associate pharmacies with wounds and sick people and I have never really been very good at gore, but surprisingly I love working in a Pharmacy.”

On July 12 last year, Ellery got engaged to partner Mike. So exciting! When Mike proposed, he flew himself and Ellery to Sydney and proposed on the top steps of the Sydney Opera House! “Though, I think we were really just there to watch St Kilda vs GWS” They also have a child together, Addison. Addison was born in November last year and is growing up so fast!

Ellery’s favourite school memories would include that whenever a class went on a camp or excursion, the whole school (about 34-40 kids) would run out to the school fence/gates and wave at those on the bus as Mr Murray would drive around the “round about” (a stump in the middle of the top car park before it was tarred). She still keeps in contact with a few people from school, but after it being her home for 13 years, how could she not miss BHCS!

“I miss having so many people around me that openly spoke about God. And encouraged each other. Also the school song!!!! Bring that back, it was great. Hopefully when my little girl is big enough, she will be a BHCS girl too. I’m very excited about the possibility and grateful that I was able to be a part of such an amazing place of learning.”

We wish Ellery, Mike and Addison all the best in their future and hope to see them around!