Mitchell graduated from Beaconhills College in 2011. He joined us at BHCS in 2002 and attended until the end of 2005 when he finished Year 6.

At the beginning of this year, Mitchell married his beautiful wife, Mikayla, whom he met at church at least 7 years ago! During their honeymoon, they went to snorkelling out on part of the Great Barrier reef, “which was a fantastic experience!”

Mitchell also started studying Medicine at Monash University after completing my 13690725_1263220750412139_935184731271622034_nBachelor of Biomedicine from the University of Melbourne in 2014. “Studying Medicine is a dream come true and I really am enjoying the experience! Of course, it is hard at times and the workload is high, but I know it is leading me into a field of work that I have wanted to be a part of for so long and I am really excited for that.”

Mitchell told us one of his highlights from BHCS was the awesome community that was developed in the small environment. “Mr. A was a constant source of humour and, even recently, encouragement, as he has passed on messages through my mum who still works at the school. I really enjoyed participating in the Maryborough inter-school sports competition as well.”

11 years since he left BHCS, it was great to hear that Mitchell is following his dreams. We asked him what words of advice he would leave for our other alumni and Year 12 leavers:

“As cliche as it sounds, I have been consistently reminded recently to follow my dreams no matter what things may look like. As someone who believes that God has plans for me that go beyond my wildest dreams and that He is always for me, I know that if I just rest in Him that everything will work out perfectly – even better than I might have first imagined. So my words of wisdom are to rest – trust Him – and know that He will bring to fruition those dreams that He has placed in your heart.”