Lauren finished only 12 months ago at BHCS. So we thought we’d find out what a student gets up to in their first year out of school.

“I had the awesome opportunity to attend BHCS from 2014 onwards, which allowed me to 14686503_347315948936136_977718249_ncomplete my VCE schooling there. Today I’m balancing a part time job on top of working away at a business degree. I had no idea what I wanted to do in year 12; but¬†I knew that I wanted to go to uni, and having looked through many options I felt like completing a business degree would eventually help in whatever field I choose to step into in the future.

I am majoring in management, tourism and hospitality at La Trobe University in Bundoora, while still living at home! Why wouldn’t I?! Free food right?

I was working as a Manager at McDonald’s, but due to a change in my health and life I moved on from that position and am currently working at OPSM.¬†Although I have only been there a short time, I absolutely love my job.

I don’t keep in touch on a regular basis with anyone from school. I have friends who I know will be friends whether I see them once a week or once a year! The best kind of friendships are those where you don’t have to speak or talk everyday, but when you talk or connect again it’s like nothing has changed between you.

Belgrave was a great place of healing for me and I want to extend a massive thanks to all my past teachers and everyone who I came into contact with! It was an environment where I felt safe and free to be me; not having to hide who I was in fear of judgement or condemnation.”

We loved having Lauren as an addition to BHCS. We wish her all the best in her studies and future career! While the current Year 12s are completing their exams, we asked Lauren what advice she would leave with them:

“‘Live as if each day was your last’; that doesn’t mean take risks or live by ‘YOLO’… in theory, it means take hold of the opportunities and good things in front of you; love too much, laugh too hard, smile too bright and live to the fullest!

Don’t stress! You know what you know; and you guess what you don’t. Your ATAR doesn’t define you or your full potential. Try your hardest and ‘aim for the moon, because even if you fall short, you will land amongst the glory of the stars.'”