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Mountains and Valleys


Ben graduated from BHCS two years ago now… it was great to hear about what he has accomplished in his first two years out of school!  So without further ado…

“I attended BHCS my whole school life. I don’t think the school had even 100 students when I started. I graduated in 2014…and with that, started on a journey that I’m still trying to make sense of.

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Free To Be Me


Lauren finished only 12 months ago at BHCS. So we thought we’d find out what a student gets up to in their first year out of school.

“I had the awesome opportunity to attend BHCS from 2014 onwards, which allowed me to 14686503_347315948936136_977718249_ncomplete my VCE schooling there. Today I’m balancing a part time job on top of working away at a business degree. I had no idea what I wanted to do in year 12; but I knew that I wanted to go to uni, and having looked through many options I felt like completing a business degree would eventually help in whatever field I choose to step into in the future.

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Follow Your Dreams


Mitchell graduated from Beaconhills College in 2011. He joined us at BHCS in 2002 and attended until the end of 2005 when he finished Year 6.

At the beginning of this year, Mitchell married his beautiful wife, Mikayla, whom he met at church at least 7 years ago! During their honeymoon, they went to snorkelling out on part of the Great Barrier reef, “which was a fantastic experience!”

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The Little Family


Ellery began at BHCS in 1997. Some of you may remember, this was shortly after Mr Leigh Murray began as principal at BHCS. Ellery had the opportunity to stay with us all the way through to Year 12 in 2009.

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The Happiest I Have Ever Been


It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken to Luke… so we loved hearing what he’s up to now!

“I graduated 2011, at Livingstone Christian College, in Queensland. My Last year at BHCS was 2008, *single tear*. I start13509023_1194434650601141_965954367643611455_n.jpged out at BHCS in Ol’ 1999. I’m back in Melbourne actually, after a five year hiatus! I live with my best friend, I have a beautiful girlfriend who’s studying to be a Primary School Teacher, and I just moved churches. My life is constantly on the move, but I look forward to what God has for me, and where He’ll take me. I am the happiest I have ever been!

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